Conferences & Presentations


Jul 2018: European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ECMTB), Lisbon, Portugal (invited speaker).
Jun 2017: 9th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference (ENOC), Budapest, Hungary (invited speaker).
Jul 2016: European Conference on Mathematical Biology (ECMTB), Nottingham, UK.
Jun 2016: Vienna young Scientist Symposium, Vienna, Austria.
Jul 2015: Equadiff 2015, Lyon, France.
Nov 2013: New Trends in Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations, Naples, Italy.
Jun 2013: Four decades of progress in monitoring and modeling of processes in the soil-plant-atmosphere system: applications and challenges, Naples, Italy.

Schools & Workshops

Jan 2018: DK Winter School, Reichenau an der Rax, Austria (organiser).
Sep 2017: DK Summer School, Weißensee, Austria (organiser).
Nov 2016: Nonlinear PDEs & Gradient Flows: Analytical and Numerical Aspects, Vienna, Austria (organiser).
Nov 2015: 1st CENTRAL School on Analysis and Numerics for Partial Differential Equations, Vienna, Austria.
Jul 2015: Models in Cancer Therapy, Vienna, Austria.
Jun 2015: Vienna PDE day, Vienna, Austria.
Jun 2015: Advances in nonlinear PDEs: analysis, numerics, stochastics, applications,  Vienna, Austria.
Jan 2015: How to write a math paper, Rust am See, Austria.
Sep 2014: DK Summer School, Weißensee, Austria.
Sep 2014: Summer School “Analysis and Applications of Partial Differential Equations”, Graz, Austria.
Jan 2014: Presentation Techniques, Hernstein, Austria.
Nov 2013: Author Workshop Springer, Naples, Italy.


Sep 2016: Applied and Computational Mathematics (ACM) Seminar, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK.
Sep 2016: PG Colloquium, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK.
2014–2016: DK status seminar (once per semester), TU Wien/University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria.


Dec 2016: Edinburgh Maths Circle, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK.
Nov 2016: Outreach event at Flora Stevenson Primary School, Edinburgh, UK.